Peter Kessler and Gail Fratar - Take Me Up

Peter Kessler and Gail Fratar bring a unique blend of vocal harmonies and sparkling instrumentation to an unusual repertoire of traditional and folk-based original songs. Over the years, both Peter and Gail have become multi-instrumental, and fluent in beautifully blended harmonies across a range of old-time, swing, bluegrass, and country music.

Here's what Jody Stecher says:

“This is an exceptional album and timely. The instrumental work is unusual and creative, well recorded, and features combinations and textures never heard before. The leads are also both colorful and free of cliche...this is a really fine album.”

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Take Me Up - Peter Kessler & Gail Fratar


Peter Kessler and Gail Fratar: Take Me Up

Song list for
Take Me Up

  1. New Orleans (I Love The Best)
  2. Gonna See My Baby Tonight
  3. Loose Shoes
  4. Cause I don't Mean To Cry
  5. Shuffle About/
    Boys Them Buzzards Are Flyin’
  6. Lorena
  7. One More Ride
  8. Go And Leave Me Never
  9. Old Spinning Wheel/
    Drifting And Dreaming
  10. My Ollie Is Waiting For Me
  11. Boatman/Go Long Mule
  12. Rose Of My Heart
  13. Leavin’ On That Train
  14. Take Me Up
  15. Road By The River

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