Peter Kessler and Gail Fratar - Just Dreaming

Of their album, Just Dreaming, Geoffrey Himes of the Washington Post said:

“This duo has come up with a delightful album thanks to the tasteful restraint of the arrangements, the expressiveness of their singing and the sparkling crispness of Kessler on mandolin and Fratar on banjo.”

Peter Kessler and Gail Fratar are multi-instrumentalists who demonstrate their enthusiasm for old-time, swing, bluegrass, and country music with a beautiful blend of harmonies on the old songs.

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Just Dreaming - Peter Kessler & Gail Fratar


Peter Kessler and Gail Fratar: Just Dreaming

Song list for
Just Dreaming

  1. Ginseng Sullivan
  2. Wabash Blues
  3. Rock the Cradle Joe
  4. Just Dreamin’
  5. My Carolina Sunshine Girl
  6. One Sunday Evening
  7. Teddy Bear’s Picnic
  8. Banjo Signal
  9. Hideaway
  10. Union Maid
  11. Whiskey Seller
  12. Old Ties
  13. Sweet Sue
  14. Nashville Blues

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