Gail Fratar - Come Away

"What Gail Fratar has done on this remarkable album is to write, arrange and sing a dozen original songs, combining versatile vocal harmonies with the fabled felicity of a 1928 Vega Tubaphone open-back five-string banjo. Each track evokes in the listener an individualized memory and provokes an introspective mood. Full-flavored melodies and enduring words emerge as sung stories derived from common experience and shaped in the old-time idiom." - Stan Jay


The Old Time Herald, Summer 2001

Kristin Garau writes:

" inspiring piece of work..."

"... wears better with each listen..."

"One aspect of the album's success is found in the contributions from accompanying artists. Fratar's primary partner on two recordings, Peter Kessler is striking once again on mandolin and guitar. His is the feisty fretwork on "You Turn Away". Pianist Ellen Hoffman sheds her own jazz stylings to contribute keyboards to the cozy title track. Bassist Bill Amatneek, who has shared the stage with the likes of David Grisman, Jerry Garcia, and Bill Monroe, provides the steady beat to many of the tunes. Longtime Kate Wolf musical partner, Nina Gerber lends her nimble finger work on lead guitar for "Girl Get on the Way". Veteran artist Suzy Thompson contributes on both harmony and fiddle."

"Fratar writes, arranges, and sings a dozen songs, slowly swaying between lonely ballads and warm, lazy tunes. Even paced and comfortable, this album wears better with each listen."

"Along with the stellar musicianship from these accompanying artists, the vocal harmonizing is equally fine. Fratar blends the deep richness of her own vocals with Kate Brislin, Suzy Thompson, and Peter Kessler for nine of the album's 12 songs. The vocals come across stylized and smooth. Each combination adds another delicate layer to the sensitivity of the song."

Gail is joined by a stellar cast of musicians, including

Bill Amatneek on acoustic bass,
Bobby Black on pedal steel,
Kate Brislin on harmony,
Peter Kessler on mandolin and guitar,
Suzy Thompson on harmony and fiddle

with special appearances by

Nina Gerber on lead guitar,
Ellen Hoffman on piano,
Jim Rehban on accordion.

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Come Away - Gail Fratar


Gail Fratar: Come Away

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Song list for
Come Away

  1. The BlackJack Rover
  2. Girl, Get on the Way
  3. You Turn Away
  4. The Berry Song
  5. Waiting For You
  6. Rollin’ Over the Sea
  7. Token Love
  8. Roller Coaster Ride
  9. Little Red Wagon
  10. Rest My Soul
  11. Grampa Play
  12. Come Away

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